Pazartesi, Mart 29, 2010

another permanent address

sometimes i wanna sleep in the street
but it feels a little funny without you
down in the basement feeling the pavement
holding my stomach.

and sometimes i can't believe my own feet
so i found another permanent address
sold the old mattress keeping the changes
talking to strangers..

i knew i could forget you, that's what i'm gonna do
now i'm staring at a stop sign, just like the last time

hey you're everything you dreamed you'd be
what a civilized way to be angry
locked in the attic, starting to panic
wait, that's me...

always it's the same situation
it's got to be somebody's fault
but i never know what to do
so let's say we put the blame on you

standing in a phone booth
waiting for the punch line
trying not to call you
just like the last time.

(chroma key/another permanent address/you go now)

1 yorum:

Sherry dedi ki...

dinleyemedim henuz ama sozler ilgimi cekti...
umarim iyisindir.adim basi cicek acan agaclari gormek guzel di mi?Sanirim bahar favori mevsimim yaz da olabilir emin degilim, yoksa sonbahar miydi...